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Comilla is a city in southeastern Bangladesh, Dhaka-Chittagong highway located in. It is the administrative center of Comilla District, part of the Chittagong Division. The eastern wing of Bangladesh Police Highway in Comilla.

Comilla Beautiful Girls Photo

It is bordered by Burchiganj and Tripura in the north and south Chauddagram Laksham Barura and in the west. The major rivers passing through Comilla and Feni Gumti contain little. The Tropic of Cancer crosses the town of Comilla on the south side of the bridge just outside of Thomson computers MSN.

Comilla Beautiful Girls Photo

Comilla has several tourist attractions. Several archaeological remains discovered in the district are kept in the Museum Main Amati, Amati Main a famous Buddhist archaeological site. There is a war of World War II cemetery in Comillas, which is protected and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

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Comilla Beautiful Girls Photo

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